Thursday, June 21, 2007

i'm back

I thought I'd take a moment to say that I am back from some time at the ocean with family and an excellent weekend with friends at the bonnaroo music festival- quite a reviving of my spirit and a recharging of my soul. This week I am catching up at work and at home on obligations set aside during my holiday. I'll also be writing a review of 'Planet Earth' the complete BBC series which is now out on DVD. It will go up over at Groovy Green but let me go ahead and say it is incredible (the series not my review;-). For publication here I am working on a piece about fear which I will sum up for you by saying I think it will end up largely agreeing with one of FDR's most famous quotes.

My biggest announcement however is that I am beginning the last of four weeks at my current employment position. In mid July I'll move to work with another firm and will be tasked primarily with modeling comprehensive programs focused on sustainability both for implementation in new communities and for retrofit in existing neighborhoods. In other words, someone wants to pay me to explore real, local alternatives to our current linear systems of extracting resources from far flung places to meet our needs. Much of the focus will be on how to set up or reconfigure communities in ways that utilize cyclic patterns regarding water use, food supplies, waste disposal, energy use, transportation connections and more. It will be about the nuts and bolts of relocalization and what might or must change in the way of habit and infrastructure and the interplay between the two. All that and my commute will shorten to a bikeable distance - a longtime goal of mine.

Not to mention the garden is growing (had the first garden tomato for dinner last night), work continues on 'Another Nation of Farmers' and the baby chicks are getting real feathers and seem eager to get out and explore. Suffice to say that the combination of a vacation and some steps forward towards realizing an old dream as a new reality has me feeling reinvigorate and excited.

Hello life. Happy here and now. Boy do i feel better.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

on holiday

I'll be spending time by the ocean and at a music festival over the next ten days or so.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

guess what's headed for the straits of hormuz?

Meet Tropical Cyclone Gonu, a class 5 storm with 40 foot waves and sustained winds of 160 miles per hour. She's headed directly towards the 21 mile wide S turn through which 20% of the world's daily oil supply flows.

Place your bets.

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