Wednesday, December 09, 2009

pay her in carrots

so today i was gone all afternoon and jennifer, my wife, had our girls. this evening i arrived home mid-bath and took over so my wife could head off to choir practice, a weekly wednesday night ritual. once dry and clothed the girls begged for music, a tall order while our computer is in the shop but i was able to pull up enough ben folds on you tube on the laptop to keep them dancing.

and then i put the 2 year old to bed and then the four year old- her name is keaton. and keaton said to me as i put her to bed, "daddy, why don't you want to pay a babysitter to watch me?" and as those of you with children might recognize her statement was in response to a conversation between my wife and i while we thought she wasn't listening. in an attempt to get the lil pumpkin of to dreamland i spouted off the following,

"well baby if i'm going to get a babysitter to watch you i have to sell carrots, you know, the carrots like the ones you have for breakfast (keaton has been eating carrots for breakfast because the carrots i'm harvesting taste like candy) and that means i have to take them to the market and sell them to make money so i can pay for your babysitter.

and my four year old daughter said to me, " silly daddy, just give the babysitter some carrots.

good thing i'm not the president of the united states because tonight, if i had been, i might have appointed my 4 year old daughter secretary of commerce.