Thursday, August 31, 2006

a book review

Regularly it happens that in mid-conversation someone will ask me if I’ve read a certain book. Typically this person will go on to give a short summary of the book and then herald it as something interesting, something I should read. Sometimes however something completely different happens. After asking if I’ve read a certain book the person I’m talk with will give no details regarding the book; only pause as if to rearranging the direction of our discussion based on whether I have read the book or not. When this happens with the same book several times I know I need to read it. Such was the case with “The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight.” I’ve been hearing about this book for several years but not in the typical way. This book belongs in another category. It seems to have such a profound affect on those who read it that they are sometimes forced to reorganize their conversations when speaking to those who have not. My whole review here...

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