Thursday, November 02, 2006

the great leaf wrangle of 2006

It's now a family affair. Swing by my other haunt and check out the formal contest. Leaves, leaves everywhere. If you're curious, young Keaton is working to increase the surface area of each leaf therefore decreasing the time it takes for the pile to decompose. I didn't even have to suggest it. She just started crunching them all on her own. She's also tried directly absorbing their nutrients but we're teaching her it's much more tasty to break down the leaves and feed them to plants and then eat the plants. She's learning.

I must also mention how much help my brother has been in this year's leaf wrangle. Without his truck and his keen eye for compost feedstock we wouldn't be winning the contest 209 bags to 191 bags. Thank you Jon.


fatguyonalittlebike said...

12 more for me so I'm up to 203.

Baal said...

Watch out next summer. One year yellowjackets made a home in my decomposing leaves. Also, when you do stick a pitckfork in them, don't go running screaming down the hill staight for your pregnant wife...she won't be happy.