Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 predictions

Plenty of people familiar with the field of energy descent are making predictions and resolutions for the new year. Most of mine overlap with those I am going to recommend as reading so I'll leave it at that.

Sharon Astyk
Jeff Vail
John Michael Greer
Rev Sam
Rob Hopkins
GG Team

I am interested in your plans for 2007. What changes will you personally be making as the Great Turning continues?


Swan said...

I am leaving the state of Texas and moving to Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

Your blog may give me nightmares...scary thing is, Bush Bizarro World is probably far more terrifying that any nightmares that I may have...

By the way, Red Rain is a great song...have you heard San Jacinto?

Anonymous said...

Changes this year are to turn from a focus on gathering information on the problem - that is clear enough now and the information is there for anyone who wants it. This year is about localisation.