Friday, July 20, 2007

big oil talks about a big problem

(From a March 2006 ExxonMobile misinformation ad)

The National Petroleum Council (NPC) has acknowledged peak oil. If you don't know anything about the NPC here's a bit from their mission statement.

The purpose of the NPC is solely to represent the views of the oil and natural gas industries in advising, informing, and making recommendations to the Secretary of Energy with respect to any matter relating to oil and natural gas..

So we're not talking about an altruistic bunch of folks here. This is the official mouth piece for big oil. One guess who the chairman is by the way.

This means even the oil execs are now willing to openly talk about peak oil. I would ramble on about what I think this means but The Oil Drum has great coverage (as always) if you click here. Energy Bulletin covers this bit of news here, and includes the following paragraph,

The short summary is, we've won respect and acknowledgment of our point of view, which is the most prudent view of the world oil supply. The new question is how to exploit our new advantage so that the world immediately embarks on mitigation to avoid the dire consequences projected by many folks.

Yes the time is rapidly approaching when real alternatives to the way we're living are going to be necessary and those people working on such plans will be in high demand. You might go so far as to call it the next American Revolution.

By the way, this report, straight from the mouth of Lee Raymond and big oil is entitled, 'Facing the Hard Truths about Energy.' That sort of sums it up doesn't it?

The Oil Drum covers NPC report

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The NPC full report (pdf)

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