Thursday, February 12, 2009

suburban garden plan

Alright here's my neighborhood. My home is one in the middle.

I live on a one block, one way street. I have lived here for 6 years with my wife. We have added two daughters ages 3 and 1. Here's my property.

I've added some labels.

And some colour to help describe the property.

Our lot is very narrow except for this odd side yard. The back yard gets some sun but the best sunlight falls on the front yard. Here's a picture of our front yard after a recent "snow storm."

Hey, 2 inches is a snow storm here in this part of NC. It actually used to snow more where I live. Thanks greenhouse gas emitters. Anywho this is where I live. I'll add some pictures to this post and I'll use it to describe some of the changes we've made and some of the changes we have planned. The goal is not total food self sufficiency but a healthy environment with as many overlapping uses as is possible. Beautiful, edible, functional, playful, useful, self-maintaining, flexible and fun are words I use to describe what I intend for this space.

Here's a Google image from last May.

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