Sunday, March 15, 2009

the concord chicken club

Local readers here's information about the possibility of a change in the law that is suppose to prevent us from keeping chickens inside the city limits.


Mathew said...

Chapel Hill, Durham, and Wake Forest have all voted to allow chickens in the last year. I give most of the credit to Raleigh's urban chicken community, which I am part of. One of our city councilmen actually went to a Durham council meeting to speak about his own flock.

Raleigh's liberal laws on chickens dated back to the time when it was a smaller, more agrarian city- they never saw the need to change them.

The activists who made chicken keeping cool in Raleigh are Bob Davis and the Henside the Beltline Tour D'Coop. I'm not on the tour, but I have corresponded with Bob and I'm sure he would offer some advice to the Concord Chicken club. If you Google "henside the beltline" you will find their website.

I've bookmarked some of the local news stories about local cities addressing urban chickens- shoot me an email if you wan the links.

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Chickens inside the city?? dont you think that this measure is a little radical, I mean with some control.