Wednesday, September 09, 2009

kreativ blogger award

Rob Hopkins nominated powering down for the Kreativ Blogger award earlier this month. I am honored to accept. Having received it, I must now do 4 things:

1. List 7 things I love

  • cycling
  • tea
  • the change of the seasons
  • huge old oak trees and their acorns
  • taking and looking at good photographs
  • growing food
  • writing and teaching

2. Link back to the person that nominated me- Rob Hopkins who runs the excellent

3. Choose 7 blogs to award as ‘Kreativ Bloggers’. My apologies to those I have failed to include.

4. Comment at each blog to let them know they’ve been chosen. [Done]

Thanks Rob.


jennifer said...

Congratulations Babe! You should be proud of yourself for being awarded this honor! SMILE :-)

Anonymous said...

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