Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a staycation from blogging

As any of you who are still checking this site have no doubt discovered I haven't been posting for a while. Part of the reason is a new position I've accept aimed at helping county government coordinated the regeneration of a local food system in my community. More importantly though I just haven't felt particularly interested in participating in the online conversation regarding resource depletion, energy descent, the collapse of the grow-based global economy and all the other stuff so hotly discussed over the past few years online.

This morning I read a post by Nate Hagens that much better describes why I haven't been writing (or reading) as much online lately. From Nate,
The continued expansion of the internet has brought with it a surge in information, analysis, opinion and insight. At the same time the vast mental and social freedom in cyberspace has manifested an exponentially growing forum for self-expression – which ends up serving as virtual playgrounds for the human ego. This complex cyber landscape exists concurrently with accelerating real crises in energy, the economy, and the environment. Thus at the same time that the overall fabric of our social arrangement is shifting, the internet has become an odd melting pot for scientists and preachers, altruists and hucksters, knights and clowns alike. Perhaps I've been slow to notice it, but it seems to me that as time passes, on the discussion topics that really matter, the clowns are starting to dominate. Of course, as the goings on in our country more and more resemble a circus, it is no wonder that clowns are rising to the top of many discussions. More...
This is not to say that there aren't really smart people still writing really smart and useful stuff and posting it online. It's just that most of what I want to share has, A) already been shared online B) isn't especially relevant to people who don't live near me or C) takes time away from real hands-on work I should be doing with my family and in my community.

I plan to eventually share more on this blog regarding what my community is doing to regenerate a local food system. And as always I reserve the write to use this blog for it's originally intended purpose, as a therapeutic outlet for my thoughts and concerns in an era of change and upheaval. Just thought I'd give anyone still reading an update.

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Anonymous said...

Aaron, this was the one of the first blogs on peak oil I read, if not the first. This blog, and many like it, changed my life.

The blog has accomplished something, and it is in some RSS readers, so there are a few of us listening.