Wednesday, October 13, 2010

local food, fiber, fuel & fun :: joel salatin in star, nc

Joel Salatin will be the keynote speaker at the STARworks Annual Gathering on October 28th in Star, North Carolina at 2pm.

The afternoon will include two panel discussions focused on building local food systems. I'll be there with others from Cabarrus County to talk about the projects and policies we're putting in place to build our local food system.

In the evening the amazing Eric Henry will be there to talk about his T Shirts made from a supply chain completely within the state of North Carolina- from "Dirt to Shirt" in 750 miles! Cotton of the Carolinas.

Then later experience the very first STARworks iron pour. Local food, beverages and a band will liven up the night. Registration is required so hit the link.

See you there.



CM said...


I'm thinking you meant to say 'From dirt to shirt'. :-)

nulinegvgv said...

woow! good catch, thanks.

Bluelight said...

It was nice to meet you last night. This was the only place I could find to contact you and give you a link to info about the book I was mentioning. The woman's name is Minnie Rose and she has a book entitled "Recipe for Raising Chickens". Check it out here

Hope to see you again.
Christine Wilson (with Bread Riot)