Thursday, March 10, 2011

cabarrus county food policy council logo

I haven't stopped paying attention to national or international issues related to resources depletion, energy descent, economic catastrophe or other wide spread, unanticipated events. I have been more focused on my local community though; especially in regards to food. And I admit to not having set aside enough time to share as much as I should about what is happening here. I hope to remedy that soon.

In the meantime I'd like to be the first to publicly share the recently adopted Cabarrus County Food Policy Council Logo. The plan is for this image to become the heart of a Local Food Marketing Campaign. Details to be developed as it is rolled out into the community.


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Anonymous said...

I like "superior" in the logo. You don't know anyone down your way who grows alfalfa, do you? I'd like some bales of herbicide/pesticide-free alfalfa hay for my lasagne-style garden bed. Best wishes, Donna in Winston-Salem