Friday, June 23, 2006

faith science and skill

“Of course, the end of the world has been promised by Jews, Christians, Muslims and assorted crazies with sandwich boards for as long as there has been a human world to end. But those doomsdays were the product of faith; reason always used to say the world would continue. The point about the new apocalypse is that this situation has reversed. Now faith tells us we will be able to solve our problems; reason says we have no answers now and none are likely in the future.”

From "When Technology Fails" by Matthew Stein. Read the whole article here. Via Jeff Vail.

The garden's warming up!

For those of you who enjoi listening to the James Kunstler as much as I do you can download this audio of his recent lecture at the University of Winnipeg. He actually uses the word hopeful.

Lastly let it be known to all that an adult chicken is hard to catch. Catching a baby chick however requires the skill of an olympic athlete or several people with nets. The escapee shown here by our rice paddy did not want to return to the safety of her brooding container. Eventually order was restored.

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