Saturday, October 14, 2006

leaf collecting challenge

So I've gone and challenged Matt FGLB to a little leaf collecting competition.

...what about all those bags of leaves you see on the side of the road piled up as other people’s trash? The process by which trees produce leaves that then fall and decompose is how soil is created. Those people are throwing away soil. Are they crazy!?!?

So here’s the challenge. Matt, I bet I can pick up more bags of leaves (soil) than you can. If you accept my challenge and I do pick up more bags, you will have to do something. But if you happen to collect more bags of leaves from the side of the road then I will have to do something. And we’ll let the readers decide what that something is. What do you say?

I'm not sure if he'll accept but if he does, you can follow our attempts to make large amounts of compost and annoy our wives by clicking here.


baloghblog said...

I think that I'll stick to the minor leagues on this one, but did "get in the game" so to speak: DIY Compost Bin

fatguyonalittlebike said...

(Insert the eye of the tiger theme song)

Oh it's on. I left a comment on GG but I can talk a little more smack here.

I little southern belle gave me some inside information so I'll have a better shot at winning this challenge. (insert Dr. evil laugh here)
You better look out Aaron!

You are right, after all these years I thought these leaves might be the final straw that got the papers signed, but when I told my wife about the challenge she simply said "We will break him!"

Love it!

(fade the eye of the tiger out)