Thursday, October 05, 2006


If you were an oil cartel made up of the nations responsible for production of a currently sizeable part of the world's oil extraction and sitting on 2/3 of the future of the most important nonrenewable resource in human history (oil, the lubricant of the current economic model of globalization and responsible in no small part for the rise to preeminence of the latest of human empires) what would you tell the dull and uninterested (sleepy yet easily angered) citizenship of that empire when production of your fantastic resource finally went into decline?

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If you were her father what would you tell her?


Anonymous said...

They don't need to say anything, because people don't want to hear it. Like ostriches, most people have their heads in the sand. Like here in Canada for example. Our oil production is steadily declining, and the news regularly carries stories like this: that tell us the big boys are now playing for the North American petroleum scraps, yet we keep motoring along as if nothing was happening.

No, there's no need to say anything either way. Nobody wants to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that's: