Tuesday, February 15, 2011

concord nc proposed backyard chicken regulation

I've been asked for this many times so I'm just going to post it online.

The following is the actual Proposed UDO Text Amendment to allow chickens as pets on residential lots within the city limits of Concord, North Carolina. Number 9 was forced on us by the way.

Incidentally this amendment was voted down by the Concord City Council in 2009. My birds remain at an undisclosed location.

Article 8Article 8. Use Regulations

Section 8.38.3 Supplemental Regulations for Certain Uses

F. Lots that are zoned for and utilized as single family detached residential may be permitted a maximum of (6) domestic female chickens (hens) contingent on the following requirements:

1. Hens are utilized for personal egg production or as pets;

2. Hens shall not be butchered within the City limits.

3. A humane and properly constructed henhouse, with at least two (2) feet of grade level ground clearance shall be provided. The structure must include solid, secure sides, including a solid top, that maintain confinement and prevents entry of predatory animals such as foxes or hawks. Sides should be embedded into the ground no less than one foot unless attached to a frame. Exterior surfaces, not inherently resistant to deterioration, shall be treated with a protective coating, such as paint or other suitable preservative, and maintained with sufficient frequency to prevent deterioration. Enclosure must provide access for proper cleaning and maintenance. It must provide protection from extreme temperatures, including but not limited to insulation, ventilation and drainage; Henhouses must include laying boxes of a minimum surface of fourteen (14) inches by fourteen (14) inches per chicken and must be regularly bedded with sawdust, straw or like material. All enclosures, including but not limited to structures and fencing, shall be constructed or repaired as to prevent rats, mice, or other rodents from being harbored underneath, within, or within the walls of the enclosure. All henhouses must be properly maintained in a safe, clean, sanitary and substantial condition that posses no health threat to the chickens or citizens and does not create a public nuisance. A picture is provide here as a possible example of an acceptable henhouse.

4. All feed and other items associated with the keeping of chickens that are likely to attract or to become infested with or infected by rats, mice, or other rodents shall be protected so as to prevent rats, mice, or other rodents from gaining access to or coming into contact with them;

5. Disposal of Chicken Waste/Manure: Waste products (manure) generated from the raising of chickens shall be composted on-site by the owner when possible. If on-site composting is impractical the waste products shall be double bagged in clear plastic bags and placed in the rollout container for disposal along with the regular household trash.

6. All hens shall be contained, at all times, within a wooden fence of at least four (4) feet high. The finished side of the fence shall face outward and each hen shall have a
minimum of four (4) square feet of range area. The range area must be well drained so there is no accumulation of moisture.

7. All henhouses shall be a minimum of ten (10) feet away from any adjoining property line. All structures, fencing, and hens must be located in the rear yard of the dwelling. The range area provided to any chickens must not include the crawl space of any residential structures not built exclusively to house the chickens.

8. Male chickens (roosters) are prohibited.

9. All persons desiring to maintain chickens (hens) in the City of
Concord, on properties less than two (2) acres, shall obtain a Permit from the Development Services Department prior to the construction/installation of any chicken related structure. There shall be no fee for the applicant. There shall be no site inspection necessary to obtain a Permit. A Permit shall be issued only to the legal owner of the property.


Anonymous said...

What is the update on this amendment?

Christy said...

I'm confused, was this struck down. Or are we able to keep chickens with in the concord city limits so long as we follow the guidelines?

nulinegvgv said...

This lost in a vote 4 to 3.

Concord just being Concord.

Anonymous said...

It is confusing, are we allowed to keep chickens in our back yards?
I hope someone responds, I would like to put up a small chicken coop next month, March 2012.

Beth said...

If you decide to do this again, please have a contact box for those of us who would go with you when you present your proposal. I would like to raise a few hens for eggs only not wanting any roosters as I do not wish to raise chickens and feel this is not fair to home owners.
Thanks for trying.

Anonymous said...

As of april 2013 if you have hens on your property ,and you have less than 2 acers the cops will make you get rid of them. we were reported on by our garbage man after a year of keeping hens

Wolfster101 said...

Are you still pursuing this? I think if we used social media such as Facebook and others forms like Craigslist you could have more standing with you on this issue, myself being one of them as I too live in Concord and would like to legally own chickens......it is a sad day when one has to even consider the legality of their own food supply.

Ja Josc said...

Whoever wrote these guidelines are leaving no opening for moving the chickens around in a mobile coop and/or moving the fencing using electronet fencing. The proposals need to be updated to reflect 21st century technology. Mobility is the key to natural chicken raising to prevent diseases.

Dave said...

Any updates as of now? (01/17)

KimC said...

I do not live within the city limits of Concord.. Im actually rural... I think... off of Davidson Hwy .. can anyone direct me to who I need to call and find out what I can or cannot have as far as chickens go?

KimC said...

I found my answer!! thanks