Tuesday, February 15, 2011

design project two part a :: a suburban garden

Alright here's a neighborhood with a typical suburban lot highlighted in the middle.

It's on a one block, one way street. Here's a base map that includes existing features.

I've added some labels.

And some colour to help describe the property.

The lot is very narrow except for the odd side yard. The back yard gets some sun based on orientation and tree cover but the best sunlight falls on the front yard. Here's a picture of the front yard after a recent "snow storm."

You can see where the melt is occurring most rapidly. Incidentally this is a trick you can use to better understand solar access- time lapse photography after a snow storm. Here's a link to a better example.

The goal is not total food self sufficiency but a healthy environment with as many overlapping functions as is possible. Beautiful, edible, useful, playful, self-maintaining, flexible and fun are words I use to describe this space.

Here's a Google image.


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