Monday, March 06, 2006

baby roo

A quick note for those of you so kind as to inquire about the quickly approaching birth of our child. It seems baby Roo, as we've taken to calling our yet-to-be-born baby, is on the way. All the signs point to soon, maybe very soon. Prayers, thoughts and meditations are most certainly appreciated- it is wonderful to be able to share this experience with so many others. I will report back when there is more to share. Thank you.


Dave said...

Thinking of you two!! Cuz DaveB. & Joy

crz53 said...

Good Luck! My wife is scheduled to have a C-section on the 17th, but she'd be happy if the baby showed up today. Best wishes for your family!
- MIke Lorenz

Steven Lagavulin said...

Beautiful! Children are magical, truly. At least they are when you can manage the sleep deprivation.

Steven Lagavulin

Tracy said...

Even the sleep deprivation is worth it, and over before you know it. Congratulations, I hope all goes well.