Thursday, March 02, 2006

swamp land in florida

This from Exxon in 2004…

from Peak Oil Center

Then this from Exxon in 2005…

Without any press conferences, grand announcements, or hyperbolic advertising campaigns, the Exxon Mobil Corporation, one of the world's largest publicly owned petroleum companies has quietly joined the ranks of those who are predicting an impending plateau in non-OPEC oil production. Their report, The Outlook for Energy: A 2030 View, forecasts a peak in just five years.

More here.

Now meet the new Exxon advertising campaign.

Download a better looking version here. "With abundant oil resources still available- and industry, governments and consumers doing their share- peak production is nowhere in sight." This from the oil company that recorded the largest quarterly profit in the history of America just last year. The crazy thing is Exxon thinks we will believe whatever they tell us. Crazier yet, some of us will. As for me, I’ll get my information on the future of oil from someone who isn’t trying to sell oil to me.

By the way based on the International Energy Agency numbers scrutinized here by The Oil Drum we peaked in oil production in May 2005. We'll see how that holds up over time though- a bumpy ride at very least.

Thanks to LATOC for bring this "advertising" campaign to my attention.

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