Monday, July 31, 2006

blueberries and green salads

Just a reminder that this year's wild blueberries are ripe and ready to be collected- at least here in the southern United States. If you've never done much foraging for wild food this is a great way to start. Blueberries are easy to indentify and gather. They're very tasty and really good for you. You can find them along the sunny edges of wooded areas. Don't be surprised to find them even in small pockets of undeveloped land in and around town and cities. Blueberry pie, Yummmm. Thanks Jan.I always seem to wait too long to start my fall garden. It's not time just yet but I thought I'd take this opportunity, as we say goodbye to July, to remind everyone that autumn is right around the corner. Here's a great article on 4 season salads. Grow Great Salads Year-Round. Thanks Matt. Be sure to to be thinking about what you want to grow this fall and winter. Get your seeds and your soil ready because we'll be planting at the end of August.

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