Saturday, February 25, 2006

gb #1 better late than never

I would like to thank those of you who wrote out of concern for me and my growing family. My wife has not gone into labor. She is due to deliver our first child in 8 days so the baby could come at any time. We are calling the unborn child baby Roo. Roo did not make an appearance last night but it was important for me to spend time involved with family and not behind this keyboard. I appreciate your understanding. Tonight however, my wife is settling into bed and feels fine. I will stay up and write in support of the previously mentioned blogathon, in support of other like-minded individuals using their time and talent to affect change and in support of a better world into which my child will soon be born.

I will be writing tonight in support of Trees for Life. I would very much appreciate any donation you are willing to make to this wonderful international organization. Please comment to any post or send an email to let me know that you have made a pledge. I have happily received the first pledge already. Thank you.

Here we go…

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Shea Gunther said...

Better late than never indeed!


I'll update the Green Blogathon Lens and will write a post pointing people to your late entries today.

Rock on!