Sunday, February 26, 2006

gb # 19 baby bites

Yesterday was quite a busy day in part because I found out my sister needed help moving into a new apartment. My family can be a bit scattered (self included) or as I like to think of us, exciting. I knew when my sister called on Friday followed by my mother’s call minutes later that my help was truly needed and an already crowded weekend was just going to have to get busier. We moved her successfully and I got a gift in the process. My mother gave me the tool she used to make all the baby food for her 3 children.

She told me it’s quite simple. She cooked carrots and peas and chicken and such and then pushed it through this uncomplicated device. She often froze the results for faster feeding in a pinch but told of never having bought commercial baby food. Wow. The jars, the preservatives, the expense- all unnecessary. She was speaking from experience and not preaching about what I should do. I imagine that my baby will see some store bought food, but I was happy to have become acquainted with not only the idea that babies can be fed through a simple process that doesn’t rely on agrobusiness processing but also to have an actual artifact accustomed to the task- the one I was feed with no less. I will at very least give it a whirl.

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lauren said...

We've just started feeding my daughter solid foods recently, and I plan to make them myself for the reasons that you state. The book Super Baby Food has been really helpful. I have a Cuisinart food processor (not as environmentally friendly as your hand-powered mill, I know), and I've pureed boiled sweet potatoes with water in it. Then, I froze them in a couple of ice cube trays and put the frozen cubes into bags in the freezer. It's been really easy to use them, and I hope to expand the foods as we introduce new ones. It's one of those things that seems daunting until you actually start doing it.