Sunday, February 26, 2006

gb # 21 everything but...

This is our sink. Guests probably don't look at it and consider us especially sensitive to energy issues and the environmental movement. Looks can be deceiving. Starting on the far right you see a shimmering pitcher of water, no bottled stuff here. Next notice the right hand basin and the tub of used water. This was used to catch rinse water will be poured out onto the garden. The drying rack is apparent as we don't have dishwasher but choose to clean our dishes ourselves limiting the amount of water we use and recycling much of that that is needed. You can barely see the small potato plant growing in the windowsill. This side of the house gets the most light and I often use this window to root cutting of herbs and even experiment with ideas like growing indoor potatoes. Lastly out of view is the florescent bulb above the sink that allows for low energy light to eliminate this space. The bulb has lasted more than 4 years and puts out a considerable amount of light. Simplicity is in the details.

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