Sunday, February 26, 2006

gb #8 hope v fear

Each day something happens. I get up and go about the business of the day and I check in on the state of the world. I listen to world views on events and the shape of things to come. It is so interesting to me to see people being to understand the dependency of the modern culture of man on oil. As people become more fully aware of the fact that our lifestyle is predicated on cheap and easy oil their perspective on life changes. They begin to see the world in a different way. Not a better way. Not a worse way. Just a different way. One of the side effects of this understanding can be a hypersensitivity to global issues regarding oil. There is a debate among peak oil understanders as to whether our civilization will crash quickly or sink slowly in response to a reduced amount of fossil fuels available to the human race. I bet even those who believe we will see a slow and steady decline think fearfully for at least a second when they here about attacks on a Saudi oil field. Oil prices jumped 2 bucks a barrel.

Something happens to me each day. Most days I hear about events and I am hopeful about our future. Occasionally though I hear about events that make me feel fearful. I am beginning to believe that hope is the opposite of fear; or at least the only weapon we have against it.

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