Thursday, February 16, 2006

a spiritual map

I appreciate Steven Lagavulin at deconsumption for bringing to my attention the recent work of Carolyn Baker and introducing me to adaptation.

In her piece, Navigating the collapse of civilization: a spiritual map she writes,

“Some people tell me that they would rather not know what’s going on because they prefer to live their lives from day to day doing the best they can to make a better world, enjoy their loved ones, and earn their bread. I certainly understand their desire to protect themselves from the pain of awareness, but I also know that they are exchanging long-term preparedness for temporary comfort and that the pain of awareness in present time is far less than the pain they will incur as a result of ignoring it.”

I recommend a read. It's an uplifting piece and quite a bit more fun than tracking media coverage of the vice president.

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